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Previously Owned

Last night's tweets;

Blue leaves are wrong for an old colonel's scalp.
Wellington's white roots touched subordinates.
Moon men are too fast and clumsy to help.
Count ten miles as same coordinates.

I went out to lunch to-day--I was in the mood for pizza, but on impulse I drove into the Trader Joe's parking lot and walked across the street to get a sandwich. Next to the sandwich place was a lonely GameStop. I went inside after eating and the only person inside was a young employee with a big, Zach Galifianakis beard who talked to himself while I browsed. There were an awful lot of pre-owned games--three overflowing gondolas of games, and two walls. I'd say 60% of the store's contents were pre-owned games. I bought a pre-owned copy of Final Fantasy X--there were two copies there as well as one copy of Final Fantasy XII. I guess most people don't consider Final Fantasy games as having great replay value. I think the only Final Fantasy game I've completely played through, from beginning to end, more than once is the first game, but that might be because that one's been around long enough to get fresh again. I do find myself wanting to play through VI again a lot, which I still think has the best story. Though I haven't beaten V and I've only played most of IV. I've played a little of II and III, but I'm not sure they're worth bothering with.

It's interesting how old habits can instantly reassert themselves sometimes. I stopped at Barnes and Noble to-night and as I was walking past the bargain books I spotted a big Toulouse-Lautrec book and stopped to look through it. And I instantly remembered, years before Google image search, going to book stores often just to sit and pore over the ridiculously expensive big art books. I guess they're not the sort of thing I can see buying unless I had a coffee table--otherwise, I don't see the point of having the pictures on anything but the computer. But the book had topless photos of Toulouse-Lautrec's prostitute models I don't seem to see online--or maybe I just haven't figured out the right way to search. I do love all the paintings that guy did of the prostitutes he lived with.

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