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The Uncanny Mesa

Twitter Sonnet #124

There's no right time to tell a clock to change.
The worst news is delivered via flies.
Sunlight off marble tames Minotaur's rage.
Cashew juices flow off fluorescent thighs.
Claws gently caress your front fanny pack.
Rotary dials died in plastic jaws.
Antennae dwell too long on what they lack.
Hand bestiality begins with paws.
Vito's orange mouth swallowed a grandchild.
No subtitle's safe in a wind tunnel.
Kanji vanishes into the wild.
Stored with strawberries in spider funnel.
The Blackberry killed the telephone star.
Sword swallower good lawyers eat the bar.

In Second Life last week, I got Tou this rather nice outfit;

It's The White Queen by Bare Rose and is one of a number of Alice in Wonderland related outfits Bare Rose has been releasing in the past several weeks. Only the Mad Hatter one really looks like one of the movie versions of the characters, but they all seem to live up to Bare Rose's usual standard of amazingly well made clothes, none of which ever seem to cost more than 180 and come automatically with three variants. The actual Alice outfits weren't my cup of tea (a little too bright), but I did get a sort of dominatrix meets muppet "Jubjub bird" outfit that's certainly a wonder to behold. I forgot to take a screenshot.

Speaking of muppets having sex, somehow that's all I could think of when I heard "Octomom" Nadya Suleman was being offered a role in a porno by a company who says they'll pay for her house in exchange. Am I the only one who thinks she looks like an Angelina Jolie muppet?

I've been meaning for a while to do a post about the costume designs in Venia's Travels. I guess I'll do half the post now.

This is the outfit Venia wore during most of the Vyurel segment. On the left is my original sketch, and you can see I dropped sleeves and a belt, pretty much at the last minute. This outfit, and most of the look of the faerie clothes, is mainly inspired by the 1940 version of The Thief of Bagdad, mostly June Duprez's clothes.

I even modelled the Vyurelan ambassador to Niveriku after Duprez herself;

The idea wasn't to model anything after any specific outfit from the movie, but to take several elements to capture something of the overall style. A lot of the Paely clothes are meant to evoke a sense of 1930s Hollywood medieval, as you can see from Venia's father, whose clothes are meant to be a slightly more pathetic version of Basil Rathbone's outfit in The Adventures of Robin Hood;

The idea's not so much to make any kind of post-modernist, meta joke. Rather, I feel the fusion of knowledge of medieval dress mixed with 1930s aesthetic sensibilities creates something different from either perspective. But I went slightly earlier for Wircelia's look in chapter 34 when I put her in almost exactly one of Mata Hari's outfits;

I don't know why exactly, but I'd wanted to dress Wircelia like Mata Hari for a while, and I guess it seemed appropriate for the chapter.

Kakeshya's wearing something more in the Niverikiin style, which is mainly based on images of Byzantine dress I find in Google image searches;

But you probably noticed Kakeshya's outfit in chapters 41 and 42 is significantly different in style from the other Niverikiin outfits;

This outfit is based on the clothes of a number of Bedouin women I found pictures of online. The idea is that Kakeshya's clothes here are of the cat people of northern Niveriku--remember, she's only half gorgon, and her father was a cat person, a species inspired by the Val Lewton film, and which I decided was the only species immune to the gorgon's power, thus making it possible for there to be such a thing as a half gorgon. I didn't want the gorgon's power to be something that could be switched on and off.

While the clothing in Niveriku's mostly based on Byzantine and Roman clothes, the armour worn by Knights and Paladins of course is plate mail from a much later period;

That's about all I have time for to-night. I'll go over more in a later post.
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