Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

Under the Gravity of a Stale Water Balloon

I see three of my tweets from last night have disappeared. Here's the only survivor;

Sugar of Toucan's cry permits no peace.

I can't for the life of me remember the rest of them. I think I said something about Wayne Gretzky and a ladle. I'm too tired to think of another three right now. Which I guess means I'll tweet seven more in a couple hours, when I'm even more tired.

A guy tearing up the back porch all morning kept me up. Brought me out of some strange dreams. I dreamt I was in a Jaws movie and I was working as a lifeguard whose job was specifically to watch out for the shark and raise an alarm if I saw it. When the shark turned up, for some reason it bobbed face up to the surface, like a cork, with its mouth stuck open as though it wanted to drink some rain. It bobbed a couple times on the surface, then went deep again, and bobbed up somewhere else. A guy treading water nearby was watching with an unimpressed look on his face.

"Is that the shark?" I said to him.

He submerged and came back up. "Yeah," he said.

I started shouting for the other beach goers; "Shark! I guess . . ."

I also had a dream apparently inspired by War and Peace, wherein a character from the book, Pierre, was wandering the countryside on foot until he came to a manor house inhabited by French spies. He didn't realise they were spies until they invited him in and he found something terrible in one of the Christmas stockings hung over the fire, but I don't remember what it was.

Anyway, this all had to happen on a day I had scheduled to do two pages of comic, as due to hanging out with Trisa on Sunday I got a page behind. I didn't think it was a big deal since these two pages are particularly easy. Blah.

I know I said I would do the rest of the wardrobe design post to-day, but I'm too damned tired. Maybe to-morrow. Probably this week, anyway.

Happy 100th birthday, Akira Kurosawa. I forgot to mention I watched The Hidden Fortress again a week ago. It's truly amazing how many perfect compositions exist in Kurosawa's films. I was particularly admiring this one for some reason, as this whole group of characters running through the woods stop totally naturally in this fascinating arrangement;

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