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Animal Tasks in Old Places

Last night's tweets;

Strawberry's haemorrhaging from the yoghurt.
Coffee clouds roll black in porcelain crater.
Floor's sticky with linoleum alert.
The fake 50s food always comes later.

The directions I'd gotten apparently via pay phone (I couldn't reach her by calling back, anyway) from my grandmother's friend indicated that she would be waiting "In front of the old chapel". When I got to the place, across from Balboa Park, I found at least six buildings that looked like old chapels, so I spent a lot of time wandering around the oddly deserted old buildings. It felt like the first graveyard scene in Vertigo.

I also chased a large, slow squirrel up a tree;

Music's by Ennio Morricone from the Once Upon a Time in the West soundtrack.

I had to pee really bad, so we stopped at Balboa Park so I could use the rest room. There I took a picture of this over 100 year old ficus with a trunk that's 42 inches around;

I remember it from field trips when I was a kid.

I finally got the new Venia's Travels script written at Denny's later in the evening, so I came home, put some sake on the stove, and logged onto Second Life. I couldn't find anyone to play chess with, so I just wandered SL. I came across this big sparrow pecking at the ground;


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