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Verdicts before Trials

Twitter Sonnet 131

Glowing pink spirals choke clubbing fish.
Twelve story Irish mice suffer migraines.
Some beans are greener than Giant would wish.
In dreams, the sky's vanilla wafer wanes.
The contented space worm has a warm heart.
Rolling Cat strikes a floral bowling pin.
Sewage and city ponds can never part.
Villainous concrete flanks can never win.
Fatigued bulls know how to watch a movie.
Dunce caps are ready in testing aisles.
Spotlit, quick pink gutter cats are groovy.
The clay sky has begun raining tiles.
Brunhilde sadly had the right idea.
Valhalla was not built in Ikea.

I'm on day four of this headache. It's gotten a little better, I think. I hope it's gone before to-morrow--I'm going with my family to an Elvis Costello concert for my birthday. Tickets to Costello's concerts are always exceptionally expensive, so this was a very pleasantly surprising gift.

I went shopping for computer stuff with Tim yesterday, and it looks like I'm going to get together a top of the line computer for just under five hundred dollars. I'll finally be able to play Oblivion on my own computer, among a lot of other things. I'm kind of afraid of the potential for so much distraction.

I played one, very good game of chess in Second Life last night. I lost, but I didn't mind because it was better than I'd played in a long time. The game lasted almost two hours.

I also watched the first act of a production of Die Walkure and I watched the second act with breakfast to-day. Listening to Wotan sing about his need for a free man, living in spite of the gods, in order to accomplish something Wotan couldn't do due to a contract, I thought about how man versus the gods has been kind of in vogue lately, with the Clash of the Titans remake and the God of War video games. It'd be interesting to see some media portraying a monotheistic god as a villain--I always wondered why Final Fantasy Legend didn't make more waves having God as the final boss. Though I suppose a lot of players didn't have any problem going through the game viewing Creator as an entirely different entity than he obviously seemed to be to me.

My brain right now is only right at the edge of having coherent thoughts. I probably ought to have lunch now . . .


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