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Living as did Balin, deep in the halls of Moria.

I did not leave the house all day!!

I take a strange, giddy delight in that fact. I can't really remember how I spent the time though . . .

I watched a couple episodes of the Sherlock Holmes television series starring Jeremy Brett. Brett was an enormously good actor and managed to make the character of Holmes even more fascinating, bringing a much wilder, darker, obsessive, more mysterious quality to the famous sleuth than other actors I've seen.

I guess it somewhat heightened the sensation when I read that Brett died in 1995 after having his wife leave him five years earlier and being hospitalised for depression. My heart went out to the guy.

I also watched more of The Fellowship of the Ring's special features, played with the cats, and not very much else. Of course, days do seem a lot shorter when you awaken at 2pm. Really, midnight, for me, is like what 6pm is for everyone else. Maybe I should now think about getting some work done, eh?
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