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Ocean Ducks

Last night's tweets;

Five fresh water fish paint a plaid mural.
There's Play-Doh stuck in the coffee filter.
To-day, each footstep must become plural.
Twenty steps knock octo-men off kilter.

I only managed to get up one hour early to-day, at 1pm, but it seemed to make a big difference. By 5:30, I'd already taken a bunch of pictures at the beach;

This seagull had situated himself where the water came exactly to the tips of his toes.

A couple mountains of seaweed, swarming with flies.

This little alley is by an expensive restaurant called The Marine Room--to-day the tide was coming right up to it.

I think this could almost be a Nine Inch Nails album cover.

I spent a lot of time photographing trees--there are so many strange, twisty trees around here.

A couple of ducks eating Cheerios at the mall, where I went for lunch. The male alternated between eating and staring me down while the female alternated between eating and waddling over to a little puddle to drink.

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