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Venia, Pissing Contests, and Vomit

The new Venia's Travels is online. The comic's four hundred pages now, and after a 48 chapter absence, puke makes an appearance. Find out from whom and why!

Feeling really out of it right now. Some guy was attacking my window with a garden hose at around noon to-day. Also seem to be delaying lunch quite a bit to-day.

I dreamt I found a sparrow about one third the size of a normal sparrow, not a baby, just an exact miniature. I also found a scorpion the size of a large man's hand that appeared to be made of transparent wax with strawberry syrup, like wax lips, but it was alive. I wanted to take a picture of both creatures, but there was a big red spider on my camera, which I also wanted to take a picture of but IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE.

I have to go get some food now.

Last night's tweets;

Dark beans file into a bright red store.
The Morning Star is there bought for dollars.
Lucifer accidentally declares war.
When a whelp named "Luther" attracts hollers.
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