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A day spent at the mall is a better day

I saw Solaris to-day--it was pretty good. I gained a lot of pleasure simply from the fact that it was a Sci-Fi movie without being an action and/or adventure movie. And the characters and premise were almost always involving.

My biggest complaint about the movie? Let's just say that it was quite obvious that Barry Sonnenberg has seen 2001: A Space Odyssey.

But, again, I basically liked the movie.

I had just a generally good day to-day actually--I spent a little too much money but really, 'twas a good day. I bought two CDs at very good prices at the Music Trader that's going outta business; Jesus and Mary Chain's Stoned and Dethroned and Mazzy Star's Among My Swan. I'm still happy with these purchases, despite having noticed, upon listening to the Mazzy Star, that I actually already have five tracks on mp3 already. They were good tracks so I don't mind--but methinks I should pay better attention to what I've got, eh?

I also read part of Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit. Now there's an idea for a reality TV show just waiting to happen.

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