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Damned Digits

I guess I need to empty my pencil sharpener more often;

It was like trying to get a block of wood out of there. When I was done, my hand looked like a chimney sweep's.

I had to clean it almost one handed because I cut my thumb on my straight razor this morning. Luckily it was my left thumb, so I was still able to draw, though it was a little difficult holding the ruler down. It's hard typing without using it to hit space bar.

When I went out to go to the store this evening, I thought briefly about bringing my camera, but realised I'd have trouble holding it steady with one thumb out of commission. Which is too bad, because Snow and I spent five minutes facing off with a racoon.

This is the same thumb that was pricked by a caterpillar hair yesterday. God hates my thumb.

Last night's tweets;

Charles Dexter Ward's now a fast food star.
Shy virgin bar maids examine each cup.
Vodka soaks paper panties on the bar.
But each hymen's tattooed with a prenup.

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