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The bite sized fruit flavoured amoeba is lost

One of the very few definite things that could be said about my life at the moment is that it is in a state of flux.

Well. Maybe nothing huge--I've not been living on a technologically and philosophically utopian island that's now slipping into the sea thanks to the machinations of a naughty volcano or anything like that.

The best news is that Trisa and I are friends again just because. The worst is that I seem to have given cryptess some slightly toxic food for thought. I worry about that girl.

Y'know, I have legitimate cause to worry about pretty much all my friends most of the time. Except for Marty. But if I were asked which of my friends was most likely to be abducted by aliens and mauled by a yeti in the same day, it'd prolly be him.

The second worst thing lately is that my car's gotten a flat tire. But maybe that's not so bad considering I do enjoy walking.

Yesterday I walked to Subway Sandwiches only to find that the location was temporarily closed until they had gotten new management.


I then went to Denny's, had two scrambled eggs, and then walked to Starbucks (noting, on the way, that Magious was in fact not at work as he'd said he would be).

All in all, there're a lot of good things in walking distance, so I should be fine for a little while. Especially as I have a very flexible interpretation for "in walking distance,"

Not to mention I've a lot of things to write and a lot more things to read. So I should be well and truly occupied.
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