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News from a Shaven World

Twitter Sonnet #168

Splitting ape hairs draws odd chromosome drops.
Fast liquids etch new lines of longitude.
Cow clippers are crewed wholly by milksops.
Bulls have red energy drink attitude.
Low liquid cameras stretch satanic streets.
Wicked laughter plays on innocent loop.
Puzzle pieces assemble Rosebud tweets.
Fake snow swirls in a tiny instant soup.
Distant white fur suns are a small fiction.
Folder carpets file merkin damage.
Liquid humans pull Pringle can suction.
Dust falls backwards to make the real average.
Curly beards strangle the razor of youth.
Monochrome bats epitomise uncouth.

I've been watching a lot more news lately, sitting out in the living room eating breakfast with cryptess rather than watching anime on my computer. It seems like a really long time since I sat down and watched The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. I know I've caught sporadic episodes online now and then, but I'm a long way from the period in my life where I wouldn't miss an episode of either. The Daily Show is still really good, but there's something oddly strained about The Colbert Report now. I'm not sure if it's me that's different or the show. Maybe both.

But a couple days ago, cryptess and I did watch the first episode of Seitokai Yakuindomo, a new anime series Tim recommended to me a few days ago. I specifically asked him if it was a slice of life story, as indicated by Anime Database. He said no, but I think he's lost objectivity. Slice of life stories have gotten very popular in anime nowadays, but so far the only one that's really worked for me is Azumanga Daioh, which has a particular knack for Subtle Weird. Otherwise, my mind completely walks away from most of these shows. I just haven't the cognisant strength to concentrate on them. I can't even really tell you much of what "happened" in the first episode of Seitokai Yakuindomo. All I remember about it, as distinguishing it from other slice of life series I've watched, is that it continues the progression of vigorous fanservice, most of which is just pretty embarrassing. For example, one character speaks very bluntly about her period . . . and that's it. All it did was immediately conjure in my mind thousands of blushing, giggling boys.

But I think mainly it's just not a humour frequency my receptors are tuned to. The animation is good, though, and the design is decent. Everyone's drawn sort of tilted, which is interesting. I do like the ending theme segment.


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