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This Shit is Aptly Named

With breakfast to-day, I watched the first episode of Cat Shit One, a new Japanese CGI series that comes across a bit like Art Spiegelman meets Steven Seagal.

At first I was kind of amused by the cute bunnies in serious military situations, but it wasn't long before I realised I was watching lightweight military action porn softened further by transforming the humans into cute animals. It's almost totally bloodless, and plays a bit like a team first person shooter. Set in a vaguely Middle Eastern desert, the bunnies fight Arabs who have taken the form of camels, and the show comes across as the crass naiveté I associate with rich young military enthusiast wankers, the kinds of guys who thought going into Iraq was a good idea because it would be an opportunity to kick some ass.

Some of the action sequences are decently put together, but I got frustrated watching the rabbits waddle around to avoid fire. Rabbits are supposed to be fast, as Bobby Peru said, but I guess hopping about on all fours would violate the concept of rabbits that are actually humans in all but appearance. It occurred to me the show would be a million times better if the rabbits could bound from cover to cover too fast for the camels to possibly catch. And maybe the camels could spit and make those hollow, loud bleating noises camels make that are somehow actually rather startling.

The composition's mostly pretty boring, too, relying on standard, diffuse lighting common to CGI deserts and snowscapes, which shows off the CGI details well without stressing the director out with things like lighting continuity and interesting shadows.

All in all, this show sucks.

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