Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

The Magician's Police Box

Look, I already thought of another reason to post a picture of myself;

Almost exactly the same hat! Sadly, The Doctor ditched his after one scene. I actually like the crown of his hat better than mine.

So, yes, I've started the Jon Pertwee episodes of Doctor Who. So far, I find myself laughing a lot more at this phase of Doctor Who than laughing with it--every scene seems to have a glaring absurdity everyone onscreen is overlooking, often having to do with the point of The Doctor's presence with the "Unit" team. I think so far the most useful idea he's contributed was that they ought to check out the plastics factory after everyone's been attacked by living mannequins.

But there are things I do like--I like Jon Pertwee. He seems more fun than all the stills I'd seen of him, which always made him look very serious. His large, sad eyes and big nose make him look like a Rankin/Bass character.

I love that the show's in colour now, as the series just seems more fundamentally suited for colour. And I like how clearly The Doctor seems destined to have sex with his new female companion;

But I just can't buy into Unit. And it's not just the name, and the fact that The Doctor and Ms. Shaw in a small lab appears to be their entire science department. Unit just feels too Adam West Batman, and take up far too much screen time that should be occupied by Pertwee.
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