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The Right to Stale Bread

New spider outside to-day--at least, I've never seen one like it before, or maybe I've seen younger ones that look like different types of spiders. It's obviously a funnel weaver, I've just never seen one half the size of my hand before.

I couldn't get very close--the moment I tried to move aside some leaves, it vanished into its funnel base. The web took up half the top of the steamer trunk sized bush.

I saw the spider when I came back from feeding ducks. I only spent about half my stale hamburger buns on them--they didn't seem very interested in approaching me to-day.

It's just past 7pm, and my stomach's telling me I'm late for dinner, which is weird.

Last night I played some World of Warcraft, my now level 59 undead warrior. I kind of had a good time, even though I didn't accomplish much, maybe because I finally followed Tim's example and listened to The Howard Stern Show while playing. I think it's also partly nostalgia, since I hadn't played it very often for several months. I think I can convince myself to like anything if I spend some time with it and ignore it for several months afterwards.

I was wandering around the Eastern Plaguelands and came across a bunch of elite Scarlet Crusade humans, ranging from levels 53 to 57. I decided to fight my way through them, and managed to do so dying only a couple times, and one of those times two of them ganged up on me. I only used one potion the whole time, too. Much better than I expected to do.

I also watched the second episode of "The Silurians" Doctor Who serial. A scene where the Brigadier talks about heading a team down into dangerous tunnels and excluding Liz Shaw from the team has Ms. Shaw ask the Brigadier if he ever heard of "female emancipation". She and The Doctor exchange a knowing look but The Doctor says, "This time I think he's right." Liz proceeds to smirk and hug herself and I found myself conscious of her miniskirt in contrast to everyone else's slacks, and the fact that she's by far the youngest person in the room, that she's the only woman in Unit, and that no-one ever listens to her. Still not as bad as some of the early stuff between Ian and Barbara, but this isn't one of the show's high points in respect to gender equality. Otherwise, "The Silurians" seems to be a bit more solidly written than "The Spearhead from Space," though.

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