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Killing to Kill

I'd just parked at the bank to-day when I looked over and saw this bee on my purse. Apparently it had ridden with me from home.

I brought my purse out of the car and the bee started to try to fly, but only fell to the ground, turned over onto its back. It died. The bee hive I'd seen a few days ago had been quiet lately, and Tim told me that he thought the green lynx spider I'd posted video of had looked like it was effected by pesticide, which, he said, tends to fuck up spiders neurologically. I'm guessing some asshole sprayed the bee hive and the spider had been a peripheral victim. Fucking people--the bees weren't hurting anyone, I'd gotten on a step ladder to take pictures under their hive of a black widow, which also probably wouldn't have hurt anyone.

I checked on the big orange spiders last night and it looks like they're okay, including the largest one who's been moving its web to slightly different positions each week;

It's kind of nice knowing I can go out there any time at night and see it. It seems to have gotten even bigger, I think it could pretty easily hug a quarter.

A couple weeks ago, Fred Norris on The Howard Stern Show was talking about how the theme to True Blood reminded him of Chris Isaak's "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing." Norris played a bit of the song on the air, and I immediately wanted to watch Eyes Wide Shut again. I've never been really clear on why David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick loved Chris Isaak so much--I think he's got a few decent songs, but mostly he just seems like a watered down version of Morrissey to me. Anyway, I realised I'd never seen the video for "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing", so I checked it out and found it reminded me more of a Lynch movie than a Kubrick movie. Somehow it's not on YouTube, so I went to the wild west of video posting, Daily Motion;

Chris Isaak - Baby did a bad bad thing
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It's weird how much emotion Isaak can display while singing yet all his acting performances are eerily flat.

Anyway, it's sites like Daily Motion that keep me from worrying too much about YouTube or Google going straight.
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