Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

Lesbian Visions

A couple weeks ago, Howard Stern mentioned his infamous visit to The To-night Show that caused Jay Leno to walk off the stage. Watching the clips yesterday, it's amazing to see how tame it is by to-day's standards, and I actually felt for once that our society has progressed in the 15 years since, at least enough to where a lesbian kiss--or even play-lesbian kiss--isn't a big deal on television.

It's funny how Leno feebly defends his reticence by saying the spanking would need a premise around it--he doesn't get it, what makes the bit funny is how uncomfortable he is. The most fascinating part for me, though, is when Leno's literally waving a bible at Stern, saying of the book, "Suddenly all this is making perfect sense to me." He says it with a little twinkle, like he's making a joke, but it has enough sincerity you know it's meant to be a little coded message to his homophobic viewers, "Don't stop watching my show, I'm on your side." Not that I think he's actually sincere about either stance, he's just a pandering weasel.

I'm about halfway through "The Claws of Axos", the first Doctor Who serial to feature companion Jo Grant in a miniskirt. I actually kind of liked the pants and sweaters Jo was wearing in the previous serial--she's so androgynous, she's like a little David Bowie or Mick Jagger tagging along with the Doctor. He's not nearly as flirtatious with her, though, which is one of the things that makes Liz Shaw a bit more exciting to me, though I think the Doctor might somewhat reluctantly sleep with Jo at some point.

The sexual dynamics on the show are really striking by modern standards--Jo's one extraordinarily tiny girl among a number of curiously large men and, jeez, is she passive.

I do long for a female companion with a bit more spit and fire. So far, my dream team consists of Liz, Vicki, Jamie, and the third Doctor. Yes, in spite of the problems I have with the show so far during his tenure, I have to admit Pertwee's my favourite of the first three Doctors. He's a lot more versatile than Hartnell and a lot subtler than Troughton. I also kind of like the moments where Pertwee demonstrates the Doctor's martial arts prowess. And the bit in "Mind of Evil" where he flips over a table on the Master was as excellent an action scene as one could want from the show, especially with the Doctor's cute ruse about spilling water.

I've been less than impressed by the Master so far--for one thing, I don't buy the Doctor, Jo, and the Brigadier calling him "The Master". I think they'd invent another name for him, like "Mr. Droopy Pants" or something.
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