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The Unsuspecting Arms of Fish

Still colouring. I've been colouring since I started eating breakfast at 9am. I hate when I leave so much for the last day, but oh well. It's still not as bad as chapter 43. I ought to be done within a couple hours.

Even though Pertwee's my favourite so far, I've found myself missing the second Doctor lately, Patrick Troughton. I skipped nearly all the serials that had any missing episodes and since there are a lot of missing episodes from Troughton's run, it felt especially short. Last night I watched the one surviving episode of "Evil of the Daleks", which had the Doctor and companion Jamie travelling back to the Victorian era. Just the few moments of parlour room business gave me a glimpse of how great Doctor Who episodes in the Victorian era could be. I don't understand why there seem to be so few.

And then I realised there simply hasn't been any third Doctor episodes dealing with travel into the past so far. Looking ahead carefully (I hate spoilers of any kind) I can see it looks like there's only one serial where he goes back in time. Looks like the Middle Ages, so I'm excited, but I wish there were more. I finished watching "The Sea Devils" serial last night, which wasn't bad, though I thought it was the weakest one of the past two seasons. Still, I loved the Doctor in a sword fight with the Master and all the Venusian Judo going on. I didn't expect Pertwee to kick so much ass. And I like how the little below the table romance is developing between him and Jo--it's so in their body language. And I'm not even talking about the moment where they're blatantly holding hands when they run across the beach;


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