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Staying on the Surface

That's the sunset through the park behind the house yesterday. The rain clouds made everything exceptionally golden. And here's a slug I saw cruising around on the wet concrete;

Feeling pretty out of it to-day, like I have a hangover, and yet I didn't have any alcohol last night. What a gyp. For my dentist appointment on Tuesday, I decided I'd do a page of comic on Friday or Saturday, which I normally schedule as "off" days. But it's looking like I'm going to use both days for the one page because I just can't muster the energy to finish it right now. It's a particularly complicated page, too, which is probably part of it, and I needed to design a new outfit for Venia.

I've been rather amused by the developing story of the latest famous person to suddenly go into a crazy anti-Semitic rant, in this case Rick Sanchez, who I always thought was, like most CNN anchors, as boring as a pineapple, to use a Lupe Fuentes phrase. Now he's a guy who thinks Jon Stewart is a key figure in a vast, secret network of Jewish overlords. I suppose one could point out this is the second time CNN's fired someone for being an enemy of Jon Stewart. Though the real connexion there is more to do with generally lazy thinking--Rick Sanchez is just one pineapple in a whole barrel of them, he just happens to be an anti-Semitic pineapple.

Anyway, I think I need some outdoors now . . .
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