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Reality of Invisible Webs

I've just gotten back from seeing my friend Marty, who told me about this commercial directed by David Lynch;

At first I was liking it because of how Lynch seemed to be treating the concept of a commercial by taking a very sincere perspective on the situation where an object, in this case a handbag, is given significance for reasons not stated in the commercial--to get you to buy it. Marion Cotillard's character seems to be a person caught in the world of a commercial, but unaware of it, not played as a joke but as something really frightening and disorienting, as one realises such an experience would actually be.

But in the second half, I was liking it because of how it was communicating the experience of suddenly remembering a whole story that gives something an intrinsic meaning you didn't realise it had on first seeing it, and yet it was there inside your mind from the beginning. And even then Cotillard doesn't seem like she quite understands what's happening. It gives what would otherwise be a fairly commonplace story about a temporal displacement a striking credibility, using a possible past life or time travel experience as an expression of the subconscious.

Here are some pictures of a tiny white spider I saw when I took out some trash to-day;

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