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Fluctuating Clover Value

Another tiny spider I saw to-day. This one dropped down beside me when I opened my car door to get out. I waited until the wind caused it to sway out of the car before shutting the door. I took pictures when it landed on the car window.

I'm pretty sure, judging from its markings and shape, it's made to grow up into one of the enormous orange spiders. I hope it makes it. That's what I love about baby spiders--so full of potential, the future's wide open. Any one of them could develop sentience and take over the world.

I played a lot of World of Warcraft at Tim's last night, and he and I discovered and discussed a number of the new changes to the game. Most significantly, how the rogue kicks ass now to a fucking ridiculous degree. I was tearing through level 60 monsters with my level 53 rogue. The rogue's Eviscerate ability's now like a nuclear option. I was taking away half life bars from monsters seven levels above me, who also had a hell of a time hitting me, even without Evasion proced.

I unlocked a box I pick pocketed from a monster and was surprised to find that I didn't go up in skill level from it. It was then I discovered that, instead of going up in lock picking skill by picking locks, the skill now automatically scales to your character's level. Which, on the one hand, is a really good thing because before I had to go back to old areas and spend hours dedicated to finding locks low enough for me to pick. On the other hand, it's a bad thing because I spent hours in old areas dedicated to finding locks low enough for me to pick so I could go up in skill level and now that effort was completely wasted. Oh, well, at least I did it accompanied by The Howard Stern Show and alcohol.

Herbalism has improved enormously, as now I find I receive more experience picking some flowers than get from killing monsters.

When I got home, I went and checked out the Innsmouth Second Life sim I heard about on Caitlin's blog. It's really nice looking.

My, what a handsome tentacle.

I'm not quite sure who Myrna Loy would play in Call of Cthulhu that would give her top billing but early 1930s Myrna Loy and Basil Rathbone would be really fucking cool in a Cthulhu film.

Tou's whole outfit's by Donna Flora, including the hat, but the shoes are by Ingenue and the clover necklace I got from a little shop a million years ago and I can't remember the name.
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