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If at First You Succeed, Keep Trying

I walked to lunch to-day and took some stale hamburger buns with me, even though I wasn't sure the ducks would be around since it's been raining off and on the past couple days and it tends to flood the river. But I found a huge crowd about me, including, for once, a lot of male ducks with pretty green hoods.

This is that whole crowd fleeing when we heard a dog nearby. The ducks took the rest of their meal in the water.

I played a little World of Warcraft last night before going onto Second Life where I couldn't find anyone to play chess with. It's weird how people start avoiding me when I'm on a winning streak. I had a nice win a couple nights ago that involved a lot of pinning--the guy was using his bishop to back up a lot of things, not quite sensible to the fact that his King on one side of the bishop and my rook on the other made the bishop pretty impotent. I was getting ready to mate him with Queen, rook, and knight when he let the time run out, at which point he gloated to me that I didn't "kill him." It's a lucky thing I usually lose, or I'd never find anyone to play against.

So last night I ended up playing Oblivion for the first time in quite a while. I put it on the hardest mode of difficulty and spent some time trying to kill the gatekeeper at the beginning of Shivering Isles without doing any of the quests that are supposed to make it easier to kill him. I didn't succeed, but I enjoyed the attempts.
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