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Expensive Mouthwash

The bass is weird on my car stereo--it's been raining hard again to-day, and I found myself listening to Miles Davis' Kind of Blue for the mood. "So What", the first track, starts off with just upright bass and piano and I discovered the upright bass was totally inaudible. This almost gave me a headache as I involuntarily strained to hear a melody I knew was there. I think I turned down the bass years ago because, though I listen to music really loud, I don't like to bug the people around me, though I suspect this is the only purpose a lot of people see in loud music. But I turned the bass back up to-day.

I switched to The Rolling Stones' Let It Bleed later and immediately was barraged by bleeding bass and had to turn it all the way down again. So, although the little meter indicates increments, it seems, for most CDs, there's just "off" and "fucked up."

I make a lot of fucking typos, and it annoys the shit out of me. Especially since a different part of my brain seems to read things than the part that writes things, so typos and misspellings instantly pop out at me when I read over old blog posts that I totally missed when writing them. This is part of the reason I tend not to give other people a hard time when I see them making typos. The only time it really bugs me is when someone commits a typo while they're in the middle of trying to school someone else about something. Though this exchange of comments on the YouTube video for Ke$ha's "TiK ToK" just really amused me;

If beer, drugs and sex with guys who look like McJagger(whom probably most ppl who listen to this song don't know) is awesome, then i'm sorry to dissapoint cause its not.

Personally, I can't resist a nice, juicy McJagger with cheese.

Honestly speaking, does no one who like this song and video see the sluttiness and bitchiness in it or is everyone who like it just like her. BTW, the line that goes "and the boys are lining up cause they hear we've got swagger but we'll kick them to the kurb less they look like McJagger". McJagger or Mick Jagger was a member of The Rolling Stones back in 1960s. So if anyone now looks like him, he'd be like 80! Or really ugly!

Time either ages you or makes you ugly but never both.

I think she says "Mich Jagger" whom as we all know is the lead singer of Rolling Stones, but yes, I totally agree with your comment.

I think "Mich" might be his German name.

This is kind of an interesting line from a modern pop artist. One of the things that struck me about the video is yes, she looks trashy, but she looks trashy 1988. She almost looks like Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan.

How did I even end up watching this video, you may ask? I think I'm actually starting to like the song in a weird way because of this video;

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