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Loud Tumbling

I went downtown to write my comic script yesterday and saw that the Star of India's sails were still torn up, as they had been when I was downtown a couple weeks ago.

I took that picture from my car--I didn't have time to stop and ask about it, whether it was caused by one of the recent storms or if it was Halloween decoration. More of a blight on the site to me were the massive Jesus billboard things;

For yea, verily, the believer is as a contented parasitic worm in His flesh.

I went to Grossmont Centre mall afterwards and saw this beautiful sunset;

I see an awful lot of great sunsets from that parking garage.

This morning, I found a cricket by the front door struggling on his back. I'm wondering if he was afflicted with the same pesticide as the lynx spider from a couple weeks back.

After a few attempts to set him upright with a flower petal, I eventually moved him into a nearby planter, where I hope he'll avoid being squashed for a long time.

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