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We All Need Birds and Bread

I've been feeling like I need more exercise lately, so I walked to lunch across the river, which is overflowing a bit after yesterday's rain. I fed ducks some stale hamburger buns and saw a bunch of what I think are emperor moths. They were much too fast to get pictures of, until I saw one fluttering on the ground. I think it'd scratched its wing on something, or maybe it was just on its last legs. I followed it as it crawled up a shrub;

There were a lot of fast moving grasshoppers about--this is the only one I got lucky enough to get a picture of.

This is looking down from the bridge--I don't know if all those dead fish have something to do with the rainstorm, pollution, or the same hick assholes who left the beer cans and soda bottles in the water.

While I was taking that picture, this egret landed on the bridge near me;

I watched the newest Boardwalk Empire while eating breakfast to-day. Definitely one of the stronger episodes--it felt comfortable with itself, there was a nice, old fashioned gangster double cross bloodbath, and I loved the prostitute with the ukulele;

Though when her voice faded out for the dialogue between Nucky and the New Jersey mayor sitting right next to her, I was a bit annoyed. I know it's supposed to be saying something about how these guys are so high on the hill that a naked, singing woman in front of them is just window dressing, but it felt really artificial. Can you really hold a conversation with someone loudly singing right in front of you?

I also didn't like the standard turn of Nucky skipping out on his dinner plans with Margaret for "business" to make her feel like a kept woman now. It's a bit too well worn, and it also caused me to reflect on how everything's really happening much too quickly--they mentioned Margaret's husband had died just four months ago, and now she's gone from grieving widow in the Temperance League to mistress of the guy in charge of the local booze racket.

But I did like Margaret standing up to Lucy. Using a story from her youth in Ireland, an environment where she felt more confident, made more sense for building her confidence now than the abrupt confrontation with powerful politicians in the previous episode. It's a little glimpse into how they might navigate writing her character more naturally.

Twitter Sonnet #196

Machines strip Oz trees of apples en masse.
Stockings snap off a triangular thigh.
Lies start when the stars are covered in glass.
Kirk saw too many starships in the sky.
Round faced robots fix a dusty nightmare.
Wheel chair eyes advance through a profile.
There's always a mace where there's a femur.
Natural weapons in tombs compile.
Muppet keyboard keys contain tiny hands.
Blue ghost tadpole entourages chill fast.
Multiplying organs aren't held by bands.
Vestigial livers travel to the past.
Extra ears are often empty belled cloth.
Egrets end journeys began with a moth.
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