Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

Life and Death through a Small Window

To-day I awoke to a California with a new Governor elect. So ends the era of Governor Schwarzenegger, an era both troubling and yet also with a certain, undeniable, cartoonish charm. The wildfires in southern California may have been traumatising upheavals for many citizens, but at least any one at the time could've turned on a television to see their plight in the context of a cheap 90s action movie. Somehow I doubt Jerry Brown will have the same effect, though he was governor of California twenty eight years ago.

I watched the newest Boardwalk Empire a couple days ago--a Halloween episode, and I really warmed to it. Nucky and Margaret's relationship isn't an example of really impressive writing, but it's credible enough and the two actors are so good they take subtle, somewhat insubstantial moments to rather endearing heights.

The episode also introduced a new character I absolutely loved, a one eyed, masked sharp-shooter played by Jack Huston, apparently the grandson of John Huston. His character suggested a fantastic line the show might take, one I've been feeling is desperately needed. A former soldier, he's established as a victim, mentally and physically, of the effects of World War I, and his story is somewhat pitiable. Mopey modern television would usually be inclined to stop there, but Boardwalk Empire allowed itself to use that effective back-story as a foundation for his new identity as a monster. Making it a very good Halloween episode indeed.

There was also a pretty lesbian love scene kind of abruptly shoved into both the episode and the series narrative, but I really can't complain.

Happy birthday, bloodlette.

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