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The Pink Arms of Digestion

A tiny new daddy long legs in my bathroom a few nights ago.

I felt a bit sick last night. Pains in my chest have gradually gone away, though my left arm still feels distinctly weaker than my right arm, but I kind of wonder if this is just how it's always been, since I'm right handed, and I've just never been conscious of it before.

Last night's sickness felt like something very temporary, and definitely in my stomach. It peaked at exactly the same moment I heard a bunch of coyotes howling outside. There were about a million things that could've gotten me sick yesterday--the breakfast I had at Denny's, the pizza I had from a Nepalese restaurant for lunch, the quiche I had at my parents' house, or flecks of the material the dentist used to make moulds of my mouth for my new fake tooth.

It might have been from when I sat amongst the ducks or from some of the stranger things I saw when I walked along the river yesterday.

We've just come out of a period of rainy days, and the green resulting from it is just starting to get itself under control. But here, clouds of algae are thriving in a puddle;

An egg sack at the end of a broken branch.

I looked up at one point to see a big hawk on a branch, looking down at me. I was too slow on the draw to get a good picture--it flew to another branch, facing away from me, and this is the best I got;

Now I'm not sure what the pink stuff is. It looked like shag carpeting or the river of mood slime from Ghostbusters 2--I guess it must be algae or a plant of some kind. It was pretty, though.

Twitter Sonnet #203

Broke cash machines lengthen a night's round walk.
In the sewer river ducks plot at dark.
Foolish drunken youths fall to Peter Falk.
Great kissing scenes are censored in this park.
Weird white cheese stands hummus in weakly stead.
Party coloured pistols compete with blanks.
Loves arms appear in form of warm flat bread.
Fashion needs assortments of empty tanks.
Bowls of bisque line battlements that smell.
Silent puppet chefs form ranks in the night.
Lousy seafood ideas fill books in Hell.
Flounder fondue's vomited with great might.
Sickness inspires the distant coyote.
Humpty Dumpty looks dumb with a goatee.


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