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Too much sleep

I think I have about 323 movies on tape that I've never seen before, and most days, I'm in the process of recording about three more. Yet, last night, I actually sat down and watched a movie I'd already seen before. I watched Time Bandits, one of Terry Gilliam's earlier films and a really good one. I love Randal's attitude--sure, God's fallible. But why get upset about it? Why not get stinking rich?

I love the anti-feel-good ending that feels oddly great. I love Kevin's stay with Sean Connery's Agememnon. I love John Cleese's naive, superficial Robin Hood who seems to be either a soft bellied coporate executive or a confused communist dictator.

Anyway, I slept 'til 6pm to-day, so I ought not to put too much time into the blog . . .
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