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A Time to Give, Pots, Pans, Mallets, and Sinks

Special Christmas Sonnet Because Twitter's Over Capacity

Screaming cows rampant in whale uterus
Know how to paint a Lego town gone mad.
So the kinky angel four times blessed us.
Because sandwich bags are always just sad.
Dance hall fog rolls into the starship's bridge.
Ping pong zig zag zippers the pointy skull.
Frosty's prayer hands of clay make a ridge
That carves in space a jagged toothy hole.
Grins on mummy elves offend Osiris.
Ant farms generate Easter eggs for bugs.
Life's a chess game for a lone cockatrice
Who's generous with all giraffes and slugs.
Shaving cream slicks the ingrown hair rooftop.
Velocity Santa cannot now stop.

No time for a proper entry, so here's the, er, explosive season finale of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, where heaven descends in lingerie amid the tentacles of hell;

Happy Santa Day, everyone!
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