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New Lands and Old Dragons for Toons

My Second Life avatar, Toubanua, affecting something of an ode to Marlene Dietrich on New Year's Eve at the new Water Horse Chess Club.

I had been dividing my gaming time between Second Life and World of Warcraft, but New Vegas has edged out WoW for about a week, especially now that I've gotten into New Vegas itself and I immediately got the sorts of quests I loved most in Fallout 2 and were sorely lacking in 3. Like collecting money from gamblers for casinos, finding prostitutes for specific fetishes, and various other things to curry favour with one gang boss or another. You don't find shit like that in WoW.

Obsidian, in charge of New Reno but using Bethesda's engine, is much better at coming up with fun little stories, though the graphics aren't quite as complete feeling, with a lot more visible seams. But the new game mechanics more than make up for it.

Bethesda, meanwhile, has apparently been working on the next Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim;

I must say I'm excited, despite the fact that the trailer shows practically nothing aside from yet another dragon like the one in the WoW: Cataclysm trailer, the one in the Dragon Age trailer, and the one in the Guild Wars 2 trailer. I half expect to see a dragon turn up in the next Grand Theft Auto trailer. But I figure Skyrim can only be better than its predecessor, Oblivion, and I could happily play Oblivion to-night. And since Skyrim is the Nord kingdom, I'm hoping to see the return of the Bloodmoon werewolf which makes WoW's worgen look like mascots. Well, I suppose WoW's worgen look like mascots when compared to anything, including actual mascots.

I did play some WoW at Tim's house last night, though. I've decided to collect ten unique companion pets with Sichilde, my hunter. I only need one more and I get a skunk for the achievement. I'm working on getting a mechanical chicken now.

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