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The Everything in the Computer

I see Jar Jar Binks is still leading against Jared Lee Loughner and Gabrielle Giffords as a trending topic on Twitter. Jar Jar's been ahead of both topics consistently. And I have no idea why Jar Jar Binks is trending at all--all the tweets I see under it are variations of "Why is Jar Jar Binks trending?" The only amusing tweet on the subject I've seen came from Russell Brand; "Jar Jar Binks is almost an anagram for Justin Bieber."

What does it all mean? All I can say is;

Twitter Sonnet #221

Trebek takes a wrong question at knife point.
Red knots make a jagged chain between hands.
Noodle fingers cling to reptilian joint.
Smoke on broadcast became rows of grey bands.
Putty people stretch over the wide screen.
A skeleton drinking wine wants armour.
Mutant shells hide bulls who are much too lean.
Tumble dumpster's loud with just a hammer.
Tinsel cages collapse against fake pine.
Parrots convey tales of a shrinking pig.
Gallons of milk bury a drop of wine.
Floating quietly as Maury's lost wig.
A dumb iron lion jumped in a bath.
Rust fires spread with immutable math.

Yesterday I placed ninth out of fifteen in a Second Life chess tournament. I lost two games out of five, winning three (no draws for me this time). Here's a picture the organiser took of the winners and participants afterward;

My avatar, Toubanua Tairov, is the masked ballerina on the lower right. Someone asked me if I was Russian, based on the avatar name and the ballet getup. "I do have kind of a theme going to-day, don't I?" This inspired me to go take pictures in SL's versions of Moscow and Saint Petersburg;

Then, Tou continued her world tour in Vienna;

And Paris, circa 1900;

Hardly showing off the particular Paris qualities of Paris, I know, but this empty building had some of the best lighting I'd seen on my journeys yesterday. A lot of these historical cities sims are really impressively built, but so many fail to take lighting into consideration, using building parts that remain at the same luminance regardless of the time of day, meaning they seem to glow at night and fail to capture the loveliness of sunrise or sunset.

I also played some World of Warcraft at Tim's last night. I'd misread the requirements of the companion pets achievement--turns out I need 50, not ten, pets to get the skunk. Ugh. And yet I'm really keen on working on this achievement. I don't know why.

I dreamt I was playing Warcraft IV last night--a non-existent game. I never played Warcraft III, but Warcraft II I played constantly back in the day. In my dream, I was disappointed to find the fourth game had eliminated peasants and peons.
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