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"The faculty of deduction is certainly contagious." -Sherlock Holmes

Awoke at 9:30pm last night and went back to sleep at 4:30. In between, I watched a hezmanna of a lot of Farscape with Trisa, who's at last taken an interest in the show. We reached the end of the first season last night, and I'm excited about how much I know the show improves in the second season.

Afterwords, I went home and, before going to bed, watched an episode of Case Closed, an anime series being shown on Adult Swim that I'd caught part of an episode of a week or so ago, and thought had seemed very good. It's got a good, casually strange concept; a detective gets turned into a child, who seems to be really good at football/soccer. Now he secretly solves crimes, not letting anyone know that he's got the brain of an adult detective.

The show has a couple of nods to Sherlock Holmes, which I liked. I watched a full episode last and, once again, I was made to appreciate how brilliant Arthur Conan Doyle was. Case Closed was good, but it wasn't very difficult to figure things out before the kid did. That never happened to me with Sherlock Holmes. I guess I've been spoiled . . .

Notice anything odd about this "metal" bikini? (from Leia's Metal Bikini ).
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