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Untapped Potential of Savages

Twitter Sonnet #223

Apples depart from the hive of glasses.
Impaired vision misses the gelatine.
Forty hours contain eighty classes.
Dry time sews through bugged paraffin.
Spriggan aprons dissolve into a shade.
Sly blueberries wait in shadows of bloom.
Honey's lost in boiling white lemonade.
The chlorophyll hardware burns in flush gloom.
Broken hermit cacti yawn at your gun.
Blurred orange lizard faces move out of reach.
Gin and juice rain's boiled by the low sun.
Dizzy invaders stagger up the beach.
Normandy's snail invasion slipped up slope.
Seaweed of truth wraps the sushi of hope.

I finished watching "The Invasion of Time" to-day, the last Doctor Who serial to feature his companion Leela. Her tenure seemed much too short--I don't even think she and the Doctor ever made out, making her the first female companion since Zoe I'm relatively sure the Doctor didn't have sex with. Which is too bad, as Leela was much sexier than Liz Shaw, Jo Grant, and Sara Jane Smith put together.

Reading about the chess game in Blade Runner to-day, I was happy to find out that, although J.F. Sebastian's and Tyrell's boards don't match each other (though it's pretty hard to tell with their incredibly stylised pieces), the final moves were taken from what's known as "The Immortal Game," a game played between grandmasters Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky in 1851.

I like this, not just because it's good to see a legitimate game between fictional characters for once, but also because knowing that Sebastian was correct when he said, "Checkmate, I think," highlights Tyrell's wounded pride for losing a game it seemed he had well in hand when he invites Sebastian up with the patronising, "Milk and cookies kept you up?" No doubt he was inviting J.F. up so Tyrell could spend some time putting him in his place--which Roy was counting on. So it establishes that Roy already had some insight into Tyrell's character, that he accurately perceived short-sighted arrogance in the man who would create sentient beings with brief lifespans.

It really is hard to tell anything about the configuration of the pieces on that board, both because of the angle and the heavily stylised pieces, but it does like J.F. has indeed lost both of his rooks while Tyrell still has both of his in their starting positions. I do love how well the lighting works with all the gold in Tyrell's room.

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