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The Cherry Pie Miracle

Someone dropped off a bucket of lemons here a couple weeks ago. They're just starting to go bad, so I decided to slice one up and use it to dust, like they did in the Middle Ages. It occurs to me the research I did for Venia's Travels will probably crop up at odd moments for the rest of my life.

It's nice not feeling like I'm in a chemical plant, as I do after using Pine-Sol or another store bought dusting fluid. It doesn't quite smell as lemony in here as I thought it would, but it's nice that I don't have to leave the house for a couple hours to avoid a headache. It's probably a good thing there hasn't been an ant problem here in seven years. Or I guess I can learn to enjoy the company of ants like David Lynch.

I watched episode 25 of Twin Peaks last night--I forgot how charming David Lynch was, in his role as FBI chief Gordon Cole, with Madchen Amick as Shelly Johnson. Even though the episode's not directed by Lynch, it has good moments--though I've always suspected that when Lynch was on set as Cole he was pretty generous, shall we say, with creative input. Because episode 25 feels so totally different from the seven or so episodes preceding it, mainly in that character actually becomes important again for a moment. Audrey, who had been a sort of anonymous good girl for several episodes, got some of the eerie naughtiness back she'd exhibited in early episodes (though not nearly enough) and Cooper got back some of his childish wonder. I also dig Ben Horne's reformation in this episode--I love Richard Beymer's business with the carrots, how it's unspoken that he's using them to quit smoking by providing himself a placeholder for the unconscious gesturing he'd previously done with his cigars. Billy Zane's character's still hopelessly boring and slightly obnoxious in a typically Billy Zanish way, but I like how Ben automatically whips out a congratulatory carrot for him from his jacket.

Now I think I'll go out to lunch and read some more about the Victorians. Though it occurred to me, with school starting next week, I'm not going to have enough time to work on a comic for several months, so there's probably no need to rush this research. Still, having started I don't feel like stopping, and I feel like I probably shouldn't be spending all day playing chess in Second Life. I'll probably spend about two more weeks researching--fitting it in around school work when I can--and maybe write some scripts, and then drawing whenever I have time. I feel like overloading myself would ultimately be counterproductive on all fronts.
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