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Yellow Light and Orange Light Cause Madness

Twitter Sonnet #224

Froggy metal arms hug a pink palate.
Double feet snap at the ankle edges.
Any hand may wield Akane's mallet.
Palms of all stars can push shark nosed wedges.
Golden planets are loud in the dryer.
Frozen ginger ale hits cracker plateau.
Smokey sunset contacts Richard Pryor.
Missing pages arrive from Jean Cocteau.
Barley rain soaks soldiers across the board.
Flashback dissolves ruin shower curtains.
Johnny Reb was just expelled from the Horde.
Beware the army of false Tim Burtons.
Bronze eggs exaggerate their cheap basket.
Omelette ore gilds the yolk income bracket.

And that's good advice. My friend Snow has really had his ear to the ground lately;

I spotted him in loaf mode amongst some potted plants in the backyard after I got back from the river, which, after about a week without rain, is almost back to its normal size.

A rather nasty argument broke out amongst some of the male ducks;

I don't think anyone's walking away from that with their dignity.

This is a newcomer--she remained at the edge of the crowd so I never got a really good picture. Her bill was smaller than the others', her feathers grey and her head was slightly larger.

Here's a picture I took of the sunset's reflection from the rooftops of downtown San Diego yesterday;

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