Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

Sprite Pyramids

Twitter Sonnet #225

Bolts of rat hair flutter by the tin jack.
Amber liquid smiles on the nova.
Cherry red flares signal blackened tarmac.
The sweet smell of paste precedes Jehovah.
Chattering grains of clock hands resign late.
Microscope felt follicles sweat with joy.
Piñata Nerds hail on the House debate.
Orange men cry the tears of a little boy.
Carrot calves prop tuber wrought abdomen.
Ferns droop over side scroller window fish.
Plastic torso sheathes gut aquarium.
Ghosts hide at the skirt of Lillian Gish.
Crinoline of eternity shades death.
Fresh fruits and vegetables seek out Macbeth.

I went into the backyard to photograph the first lizard of spring, but he'd already run off by the time I got out there. Maybe he saw the coming of Snow.

Last night I dreamt I became trapped in an extremely unpopular mmorpg based on the old Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting of Ravenloft. By unpopular, I mean there were apparently no players. The graphics looked like a very old, single player 3D Ravenloft game I remember playing.


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