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Chocolate brain engineer

My arm hurts, I'm hungry and . . . hmm . . .

Went to guitar lessons with my sister yesterday. Kept screwing up in ways I wouldn't have if I couldn't practiced this shit on my own. Oh, but no, class, we gots to do this all together . . . I hate classes that aren't all lecture. I hate being forced to work with people I don't care about.

What to do to-day . . . I have something like no money. I have two hundred fifty dollars and a car registration that's asking me to pay it two hundred fifty dollars.

On the other hand . . .

If I wait 'til Monday, I'll have another hundred. And the late payment fee thing shall be ten dollars. So two hundred sixty dollars.

These are dangerous thoughts.

Oh, I want a mocha . . .

What a bad time to redevelop a taste for the mocha. Guah . . .
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