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Doing Better than Hyman Roth

It's now nearly 5pm and I haven't vomited since 7:30am. I think that's the longest stretch I've gone since I started puking yesterday, though I still feel pretty nauseous. I threw up blue liquid this morning, despite not having had anything blue to eat or drink. I googled to find out what this meant, and aside from comments helpfully suggesting that one man whose wife was having a similar problem was blowing Smurfs, a couple people also indicated it was a sign of appendicitis. So I thought it prudent to call my doctor, who got back to me later in the day to tell me I was okay if I could keep fluids down, which mainly I've been able to do, except I threw up some Gatorade yesterday. But I'm starting to feel some cautious optimism. I'm eating Saltines.

How fucked would I be if it is appendicitis. I bet my lousy health insurance wouldn't cover it to any significant degree. And I have those lovely voices singing in my head, "This is what you get for being such a fuck up. If you'd figured out a way to make money by now, you could have proper health insurance, or maybe you'd live in a country with real healthcare."

I'm getting sick a lot more often than I used to, it seems to me. There was the cold before this, then the anxiety stuff, and the UTI before that. I don't think I got sick once in my 20s. This is bullshit.

I watched The Godfather when I had the UTI, so I figured it was fitting to watch The Godfather part II this time. That movie's a lot more sepia than I remember.

I watched it and episodes of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 in dribs and drabs between puking and sleeping. I suppose it's no wonder I feel so low on energy when the only food I've kept down since yesterday is a little oatmeal and about four crackers. I sure hope I can make it into school to-morrow.
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