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That nice Gilmore Girl

Watched and was, perhaps inevitably, disappointed by Badder Santa yesterday. It was basically funny and all. It was basically good. But when you put the word out that your movie is gonna be super-supremo naughty, and even naughter in a special DVD unrated version . . . Well, you better damn well be naughty. But what was the "worst" this movie was able to do? Was it Santa pissing himself on his mall throne? Was it the topless girl in the background of the stripper bar? Damn it, I don't know. I don't what they meant for me to recoil from but, gods, if this is the sort of thing we're reduced to in naughtiness . . . Well, someone's gotta go to Hollywood and knock some heads.

I wanted to see Lauren Graham naked! How do you even do one of those "she just happened to decide to wear her bra the whole time she was having sex" scenes in a movie like this one was supposed to be? I mean, damnit!

Hmm. Trisa and I had really bad omlettes yesterday, but a really nice waitress. No, we didn't have the waitress that way. You see? The casually perverted faculty of the brain has advanced too far.

Where is my naked Lorelei Gilmore?

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