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Degrees of Successful Digestion

Slept in 'til 11:30am to-day. For pretty much the same reason that led to my old nocturnal schedule--when I worked 'til ten, I didn't want to go to sleep just a couple hours after work. And when I got out of class at ten last night, I didn't want to go to sleep just a few hours after class. Also, I broke one of my own directives to myself and played chess after 1am. I don't play as well that late, and it gets me wound up so it's harder to sleep. But I was just so damned antsy. Maybe it's all this soy I've been eating.

I had a soy latte yesterday--I haven't had a latte in, I think, at least a year. I used to get them all the time but, again, I'm not good with the milk now and soy lattes are a bit more expensive. I wonder if rice milk lattes are any good.

I think the soy staved off hunger a little, though I also got a muffin and a bag of chips during class breaks--my anthropology class is three hours long and the teacher gives us ten minute breaks each hour. I find I rather dislike being stuck there for three hours at a time. I think I'll avoid such classes in the future in favour of shorter classes on more days of the week rather than just one big gob a week.

But my anthropology teacher gave me permission last night to use Inside the Victorian Home for the two page paper that's due in April. Two birds, one stone.

Talking about what he expected for the paper, the teacher complained about how so many people write at a fifth grade level. Mind you, this is the same teacher whose e-mail I posted here to remark on his extraordinarily bad grammar. But while he may want to avoid walking barefoot around his glass house in the future, he's certainly right. In my history class last week, the teacher had students take turns reading aloud from an article he'd printed out and everyone needed help with at least twenty percent of the words they came across while some people stumbled at almost every third word. I don't know how these people do their assigned reading. I don't how they got through high school.

Though, of course, I've wondered if I'm not just looking at it the wrong way. Maybe I just happen to be exceptionally good with the grammar and vocabulary and what not. I should be appointed ruler. Maybe I'll receive a dose of humility when I take a math class.

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