Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

Whirlwinds Betide Cyclical Ducks

I did what was probably the obvious thing with the cocoanut milk last night and mixed it with rum. It was good, though I felt it could've used something . . . punchy. Like pineapple juice, I guess, though with cocoanut milk instead of cocoanut cream it might have been a flat sort of pina colada.

It gave me a terrific hangover, anyway. But my hair looked like this when I woke up;

Which I found sort of impressive.

It's led to a fairly lazy day. I read the new Sirenia Digest with breakfast, the second chapter from Caitlin's upcoming novel. It was good, and featured some fun time distortion stuff.

And speaking of fun time distortion stuff, I finished watching "Shada" to-day. Or what there is of "Shada" that exists at any rate--a Doctor Who serial that was never filmed all the way due to a strike at the BBC, which is really too bad because what remains clearly shows it to be by far one of the best written episodes of the series, another written by Douglas Adams. I loved all the scenes in the professor's rooms, the bulk of the studio segments that were shot. After seventeen seasons of a time travelling police box, Adams' script is wonderfully inventive on mundane items and settings secretly associated with time travel. I love hearing the Doctor say things like; "Just one little bit of timelessness and spacelessness . . . Over there, behind the tea trolley."

I also liked Romana's cherry boat bonnet. And the professor himself was easily one of the most interesting guest characters.

I fed the ducks to-day a bit. I was joined by a woman who brought her small dog which the ducks weren't very afraid of for some reason.

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