Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

Braun's Wall Face

Looking at these pictures of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun it slowly dawned on me that I was listening to John Lennon's "Woman", which had come up on my randomised mp3 list. It's hard to explain the mixture of nausea and amusement I felt, sort of like how the sensation of heat is produced by triggering nerves' responses to warm and cold simultaneously.

My favourite picture was this one, though;

The caption I would write;

"Into a blinding white room, from the wall in a thick frame of severe lines, the head of a tyrant peers amid a rectangle of black."

I'm trying to decide what book I'll read next--and no, that's not a cue for people to recommend books to me. 70% of the books I'm choosing from are books people have recommended to me over the past decade, some of whom, I'm pretty sure, took it personally when I didn't read the book they recommended to me within two years of the recommendation.

I remember several years ago posting a list of books I had on hand. Sonya even sorted them into a list for me, and I've read each of them except A Tale of Two Cities. I suppose the fact that she hates me now is no reason for me not to go ahead with it. I see mention of that watermelontail guy in that old conversation--I'd totally forgotten about it by the time I mentioned to Sonya in an e-mail how boring I thought this watermelontail guy's blog was. Maybe that's why she got pissed off with me. That would be pretty funny.

I don't know why people expect me to remember names on the internet, especially when they contain numbers or even amount to something little more than a serial code. I run into a lot of people in Second Life who ask for rematches at chess or mention to me something about the previous time I played them and I have no idea what they're talking about.

Certainly reading Dickens would go along with my research into Victorian England, though the book is set in the previous century. While reading The Idiot, I couldn't help being struck by how fundamentally different Russian culture was during exactly the same period as the Victorian era. There's a whole network of repression that doesn't seem to have been present in Russia.
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