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Everybody Wins

Okay, this is genius;

Anyone who says that's not funny is lying to themselves. I can understand why they would--as a Howard Stern Show listener I've heard plenty of Denise Richards and various porn stars describing how repulsive and abusive Sheen can be. Many decades after the major studios produced carefully crafted images for their stars in fan magazines, people still have trouble reconciling someone whose work they enjoy with their reprehensible behaviour in their private life. I love it when something like the current Charlie Sheen phenomenon happens. It gives me hope that one day we'll see the end of complacent worship and mindless hate.

It's hard to know where Sheen's genuine crazy begins and ends and I'm loving it. No-one quite knows when they should feel bad for laughing and when they shouldn't. People are clearly more uncomfortable with the idea of laughing with Sheen than they are at laughing at him. It gives them an inkling of what all miserable comedians (in other words, all good comedians) understand--any feeling of superiority that you might gain through humour isn't real. But that doesn't invalidate humour, it ennobles it.

To-day I'm having hemp milk in my coffee and tea, which my sister gave me a few days ago. It's really good--I think I preferred cocoanut milk for the tea, but I like the hemp milk better with coffee. I'd like to try it with Irish whiskey, but I've been trying to avoid drinking during the week. Particularly on a day like this--I need to present my part of a group project in History class to-day. Boy, I hate group work for a wide variety of reasons. I may go into it more in another entry.

Twitter Sonnet #241

Dinosaur dresses magnify the feet.
Upside down dip bowls hide guacamole.
Some say collars and hems should not meet.
Others say it's blood on ravioli.
Perfect curdling's unequal to germ ghost.
Gregor Samsung awoke as a Sony.
Newer oven lasers print Blu-Ray toast.
All harps made in '85 are phoney.
Paper plums hide purple print contract ink.
Pyramid chess boards trap pawns in schemes.
All Titanic pots are pushed to the brink.
Saint Patrick's idle blue pot holds gold memes.
Vision holidays shine shadow footwear.
Ankle boots are a young cowboy's nightmare.

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