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Alien Habit

About Mostly Inadvertent Offences

Previous Entry Alien Habit Mar. 12th, 2011 @ 05:36 pm Next Entry
Every now and then, I like to do google image searches for Dejah Thoris to see how many of the pictures have nudity. Usually she's wearing at least a thong.

Doing such a search to-day, I learned through this blog that there was apparently a really, really cheap direct to DVD adaptation of Princess of Mars that was for some reason created as an Avatar parody. Traci Lords plays Dejah Thoris and she doesn't get naked. Yes; a porn star plays a character who was naked for the entirety of the source novel in a direct to DVD movie and she doesn't get naked. Winning!

I played chess with a guy named JohnCarter in a Second Life chess tournament to-day, which made me think of Princess of Mars. He left before I took this picture of participants;

My avatar, Toubanua, is on the lower left, wearing an outfit by Bare Rose, a Japanese designer who has churned out at least one new outfit every day for years--until yesterday. Since the earthquake, the Bare Rose blog has been quiet.

Here's a better picture of the outfit. Hat and mask by Siyu Suen;

I tried attending a fashion show in SL yesterday, for the Italian designer Donna Flora but almost none of it rezzed for me--there were 71 people in the sim and all I saw was this;

I assume some people were seeing a catwalk and models. I decided to roam my camera around the people in the audience, whose clothes were fascinating enough. My favourite was this guy;

A couple days ago, I finished watching "The Leisure Hive", the first serial of Doctor Who's eighteenth season when the Doctor was regenerated into Daddy Whoshizzle;

Apparently Tom Baker, among others, complained about most of the many changes made to the show in this season. I certainly agree with him about the costume--the question mark seems a bit Riddler-ish, and the outfit in general isn't nearly as fun. Interestingly, the new show runner was trying to cut out things he saw as silly about the show, and in the process made it much, much sillier. A new director shot this episode, employing some strikingly 80-ish techniques, like awkwardly inserted close-ups of actors oddly emoting to scenes.

A lot of the changes in this serial broadcast in 1980 seemed startlingly, abruptly 80s to me, after the interestingly gradual feel of the show's changes previously. It's the translucent, glowy sets and props, the caked on clown makeup of the aliens, and the new opening. I definitely prefer the older theme, but I don't hate this one as much as Tom Baker evidently did. Maybe it's the way he's grimacing--it gives me this urgent feeling of, "Oh no, the Doctor's trapped in the theme song, how's he going to get out?!"

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Date:March 13th, 2011 02:08 pm (UTC)
I think 'The Leisure Hive' looks great. But boy oh boy, does it ever need Douglas Adams back for one serial only to liven it up.

They were really ambitious with the look of the show this season (my favourite for shallow directorial reasons is 'Warriors' Gate'); I wish they'd kept on trying. There are some stories just a couple of years on where the sort of inappropriately mythic stuff they threw into the beginning of 'The Leisure Hive' would fit like a glove, and it's nowhere to be seen.

the question mark seems a bit Riddler-ish

The question marks are around for aaaages. In my head-canon, all the Doctors secretly wear them, on the underneaths of their collars.
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Date:March 13th, 2011 10:26 pm (UTC)
But boy oh boy, does it ever need Douglas Adams back for one serial only to liven it up.

I sorely miss his presence.

They were really ambitious with the look of the show this season

Yeah--I'm three episodes into "Meglos" and I'm liking the clear Star Wars influence on the ship exteriors.
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