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Orange Nature


Twitter Sonnet #243

Small birds invade running spider groundspace.
Asthmatic flowers have trouble singing.
Ink mixed with saliva at rapid pace.
More than grey ones, black mice conceal meaning.
I do want notepad to open when clicked.
Smiling suckass giants drink from barrels.
There's more beauty than print hoodies depict.
The right fiscal plan was Perry Ferrell's.
Admiralty confers no useful hat.
Overripe apples devalue a tree.
Innovations for sleep come from a cat.
I can't win a Deep Space Nine shopping spree.
Temper in space is too cold to foment.
Mallards may appear at any moment.

I poured myself some Jameson and settled in with The Trouble with Harry last night. I enjoyed it a lot more than the last time I watched it, maybe because of the Jameson--it was hard to imagine achieving greater tranquility than I did by mixing whiskey and Hitchcock's location shots of Vermont in autumn.

For a director who preferred shooting in studio, Hitchcock didn't seem to mind giving us some gorgeous outdoor footage. The film's also helped by Edmund Gwenn's wonderfully understated but extremely expressive performance, perfect for a man who's mildly put out for having accidentally committed murder. And Shirley MacLaine's adorable in the movie too.

Though I think the movie could've been ten times better with Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart as the male romantic lead.

A couple ducks I saw at the grocery store to-day. I'm starting to see ducks absolutely everywhere around town or flying across the sky. It's a real phenomenon going on here.

I love how often I see them in couples, and it's interesting to see how clearly the sexes have roles, as evidenced by the picture; the males keep lookout while the females eat. The females generally seem more laid back--they're the only ones who actually take bread from my hand. War is for the green hooded ones.

I was carrying a huge bag of dinner rolls that made me feel guilty, not being able to give them some. Reading kittygoth's first-hand account to-day of bread scarcity in Osaka made me feel even guiltier. I wonder why no one's dropping bread with parachutes from the air.

Here are some pictures of Snow I took to-day;

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