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Cats in the Clouds

Twitter Sonnet #244

Werewolves to-night are twice their normal size.
Astronaut footprints are big as a lake.
Lovers are cocooned in large pizza pies.
Hans Pfaall has made a horrible mistake.
Inverted wind stops the air with old cork.
Spongy flecked beige on flesh is inhuman.
Proposed bad restaurant bills are filled with pork.
Whimsy's never safe with Bernard Herrmann.
Surprise compact disks are worth more than discs.
Schrödinger’s croissant swallowed egg and cheese.
Benefits of missions outweigh the risks.
Headlines tangle into news balls of tease.
Fur orbs con an honest conquistador.
Mirrors enlarge any pink corridor.

I watched the end of "Warrior's Gate" yesterday, the final Doctor Who serial to feature Romana and K-9. And their departure seemed rather abrupt until I connected it to the serial's apparent homage to Cocteau's Belle et la Bete. Cocteau's a good choice to inspire the strangeness of a reality outside of regular time and space, though it didn't work out to be as creepy as the first episode of "The Mind Robber".

But the ruined castle and catlike, beast aliens now enslaved as some vague, karmic retribution for their monstrous behaviour was an interesting way to run with the Beauty and the Beast idea. When Romana abruptly decided to stay with them, it didn't make sense until I remembered she seemed slightly entranced by the aliens, moving in the beasts' realm somewhat stiffly, not so unlike Josette Day as Belle.

I'm in a bit of a hurry, so here are some photos from yesterday;

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