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Eating Balloons

I need to be working on the midterm for my history class to-day. In class yesterday, the teacher spent nearly the whole period going over what it means to summarise, paraphrase, and to quote. I almost cried. It was all I could do not to say, "Really? This is what we're doing? In a college class?" Gods help us, I know most of the students needed it. The teacher explained we didn't need to provide a thesis statement in the paper--I raised my hand and asked if I could have a thesis anyway. This is bad enough without it being also just a regurgitation of the reading material. I could see thought bubbles all over the class going, "What's a thesis?"

What the fuck am I doing here. What does it prove really, what does it accomplish? It decently processes me, I know. So I too may be served as a higher end Big Mac.

It's so hard just getting started on this thing. It's only eight pages--I mean, eight pages maximum. Double spaced, and we have to provide author names in the citations, despite the fact that everyone's supposed to quote from the same two damned text books, so realistically I'm writing what amounts to a three and a half page paper on seventeen chapters of material.

Why don't they just give me a fucking colouring book while they're at it.

I forgot to mention a couple weeks ago watching the trailer and gameplay footage for the upcoming sequel to American McGee's Alice--Alice: Madness Returns;

It doesn't look too bad, though I agreed with Tim's observation that the weapons are decidedly less interesting. The first game had such wonderfully unusual weapons--the jacks, the croquet mallet, they all had some unusual physical dynamic to them. This new game looks like it has a version of a machine gun, a version of a grenade launcher, etc. In other words, a standard shooter dressed up as Alice. But the visuals do look kind of nice.

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