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Logo City? Castrated Vulva?

Currently drinking green tea with lemon, honey, and hemp milk. I think hemp and cocoanut have become my two favourite milk substitutes. The hemp milk seems to go haywire easier, though--it turned into a million little white flakes when I poured it in hot tea. It tastes good, though.

I finished watching "Logopolis" yesterday, the final serial to feature Tom Baker as the Doctor. I can see why a lot of people think of him as the Doctor. Having been watching him on a daily basis for months through several permutations of the show, his face in my mind feels almost like someone I know rather than like someone I watch on television regularly. I see there are fewer episodes of Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and Sylvester McCoy combined than there are Tom Baker episodes.

There were several things I liked about "Logopolis"--I liked how Tegan discovers the TARDIS by trying to use it as a police box, I loved the infinite TARDISes in TARDISes, and I liked the idea of a planet of people holding parts of the universe together with just math. I didn't like the return of the Master. Exactly the way he usually did in the Pertwee era, he lowers the IQ of the show by 30 points just by being there and gnashing his teeth. The one and only time I liked him was when he and Pertwee had a sword fight. But "Logopolis" even adhered to a formula that was repeated several times in the Pertwee era--The Master's scheme unfolds as something even worse than he'd predicted so he and the Doctor grudgingly join forces before, wouldn't you know it, the Master betrays his supposed ally for his own diabolical ends.

I kind of liked the whole Mysterious White Figure thing, though I figured out it was the Doctor almost immediately and that it would have something to do with his regeneration. Though it's never explained how the other characters figured this out, why the figure came into existence in the first place, and why he has claws.

I'm two episodes into "Castrovalva" and so far I like Peter Davison and I'm both amused and impressed by his ability to do random impressions of previous Doctors, particularly the second Doctor. And I like how he kind of looks like Tom Baker--the same recessed chin, large, roundish nose, eyes close together.

I like the new companions--I love having two girls in the TARDIS again, even though Nyssa seems slightly lobotomised. She's hot, though, which counts for a lot. Tegan's a bit better, both irritable and yet, if you think about it, remarkably adaptive given how much information she seems to be assimilating quickly. Now if these girls would just get together and murder Adric . . .

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