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The bull is red, my friend

A friend told me a tale of an Australian who went to Thailand and discovered a strange and insanely potent energy drink. Seeing the opportunity for this thing overseas, the Australian carbonated and diluted it, and sold it in America under its original name, which is Red Bull. The American Red Bull is about a third the potency of the original.

Recently, my friend put in an order to Thailand for thirty two pounds of the original concoction. It arrived days ago and, being my friend, he offered me a bottle of the curious liquid.

I took it from my refrigerator this morning. The small glass bottle was of a shaded amber hue, like the ware of an evil apothocary. Eating first two oatmeal granola bars, I drank the stuff.

Like the American version, I find this stronger Red Bull tastes not unlike melted Fruit Stripe Gum or what I imagine praying mantiss blood would taste like. Sadly, it seems to have had no effect on my wakefulness . . .
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