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Earth Sucks Sometimes

Seeing that he was tweeting last night, I spontaneously decided to tell Brian Posehn I thought he was doing an excellent job as Octus on Sym-Bionic Titan. He replied, thanking me, and saying the show had been fun while it lasted. The show's been cancelled.

I guess I can't say I didn't see it coming. I probably ought to've known just by the fact that Cartoon Network had started moving the show all over the place in the schedule. Well, and the fact that I hardly ever saw anyone talk about it. I guess there's some consolation in knowing Samurai Jack was also one of those "best shows no-one watches." But I honestly think Sym-Bionic Titan was superior, with better crafted characters and a stunning variety in great environments.

Going over the other blog entries I've written on the show, I remember particularly great episodes like the one where Ilana was turning into a monster in a beautifully rendered swamp atmosphere and the episode where Octus and Kimmy are studying together. Wonderful character stuff, and I didn't often enough mention the great action sequences.

Twitter Sonnet #246

Toolbar spirits read over God's shoulder.
Grinning bicycles debunk the dragon.
Lisa Frank terrified Agent Mulder.
Glastonbury Grove consumed Jean Hagen.
Starving pink orcs bemoan melted ice cream.
Ice Warriors wear useless ice slippers.
Even office elementals can dream.
Some pinballs can't be repelled by flippers.
Cold tea can't fight refrigerated hemp.
Confused Kerouac poured pot on a rope.
Through time charged the wrath of Margery Kempe.
Christ's orphans aren't adopted by the pope.
Closed circuits of thorns are dry and brittle.
Breaded rings hide onion in the middle.

There's not much else to say about yesterday. I played chess almost all day. Mostly I lost, but it was a good time.

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